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I have been to Dee many times and at each visit my massage was fantastic. She really targets the areas that give me the most trouble and I always leave feeling very relaxed. I definitely recommend this spa.​

​Hannah W.


I first met Dee when my husband scheduled me for a prenatal massage while she was working at a different spa. It was the BEST and most AMAZING massage I have ever gotten in my life. I am a person who loves massages and gets them rather frequently...I've had almost every type of experience with all different kinds of massages and spas (fancy spa to no thrills spas...Swedish to Thai to shiatsu). But, Dee, by far, was the best. She was so attentive to areas that needed more attention and just did an overall spectacular massage. 

When my sister was pregnant, I wanted to get her a prenatal massage for Christmas. There are quite a few spas in the Englewood area. I found a new spa, D2, and decided to give them a call. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dee had opened up her own spa.  My sister loved her gift. Since then, Dee has offered many groupon specials and my sister and I have given them to each other, to our spouses, to our parents, to our in-laws. And everyone raves. Even my father. .. I wasn't sure if he would enjoy a massage, but we figure it was worth a try, and he loved it. We've gotten him a few more gift massages since then. I've also received massages from several of the staff at D2 and find them all to be great and several different treatments (hot stone, foot mask) and love the back scrub.

There are always groupons and specials that are totally worth it, so I continue to buy them for myself and treats for my loved ones. My most recent gift was a couple's massage with back scrub for my husband and me. I was lucky enough to have Dee as my masseuse again, and could not have been more pleased. As I previously mentioned, she really worked on my problem areas. I felt so great afterwards, I gave her a hug!

To address other reviewers:
I've never had any issues with communication with the spa. Whenever I leave a message, I have always received a return call. Dee always works with me to fit me into her busy schedule. 

It's a shared space, but, I do love the relaxing, calming and beautiful atmosphere and ambiance that Dee has created. I wasn't expecting, nor do I need a sauna or shower, so that's not an issue for me.
I hardly write reviews, although I always read them, so definitely understand their worth. I did decide to write a review for Dee and her spa because I have only the nicest things to say about my own experiences and my loved ones experiences here. Thank you, Dee!

Karina L.


what I do

Here at Imprint I pride myself in creating unique and wonderful Spa Massage treatments specifically tailored to each clients individual needs all provided in the privacy and comfort of the clients own home. I offer a wide variety of Spa services, treatments and packages for everyone. I am highly trained and have been featured in InStyle Magazine and www.spaanswers.com. I specialize in both Pre & Post Natal Massage as well as Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue and Hot Stone Therapy.

For my Pre-Natal clients, I also offer three additional services...Artistic Belly Casting to create a beautiful and unique keepsake of the pregnant woman's silhouette, examples of these casts can be found here on my website.
Pre-Natal Photography including a half day in-home photo shoot and digital downloads of image files, limited image printing etc. Pre-Natal massage technique training for partners to help aid in the overall health and well being of a positive and comfortable pregnancy and birth experience for the expectant mother, partner and baby.

My philosophy is rooted in a firm belief in the healthy body, healthy mind connection. I strive to develop, advance and sharpen my techniques through the continual in depth study of this ancient practice. Above all else, it is always my goal to deliver a high quality level of treatment and service without equal in my field of practice.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or have any additional questions regarding my services or treatments please contact me at Ph# 201-308-5575.


I bought a groupon about 3 years ago for D2 day spa and have been coming back to Dee ever since then. She's the only masseuse I've known that takes the time to get all the knots out of my back, I've had to come to her sometimes for two sessions, but she always manages to get them all out.  She gives a lot of attention to detail, for example, always remembers to apply the bio freeze on me so I'm not in pain the next day.  I've also done the seaweed wraps by Dee and I loved those as well, the product was amazing and left my skin with an amazing glow and tightness! 

I've sent my family members to Dee and they've loved her massages ! 

I just had a massage yesterday and it was great, one more in three weeks and my back and shoulders should be knot free and then I can go back to enjoying a more relaxing massage  

Some people have said that parking is an issue, if you get there early enough there is plenty of parking in and around the area.. And yes it's not a full service spa but the treatment is much more personalized then going to a spa where everyone is getting the same massage regardless of your issues. 

Dee is always running promotions and discounts so for the most part you never really pay the full price !

​Hetal P.

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